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Product Selection Guidelines

We have a set of strict quality guidelines covering all products we sell. For example, we sell only fresh, green and healthy products and do not approve for sale food known to contain synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners or partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils, regardless of the proportion of its natural or organic ingredients. We actively research new products in the marketplace through our product vendors, private label manufacturers, data analysis, customer requests and general trends in popular media.

what we sell

We offer over 148 fresh, green and healthy products, which mainly consist of imported fruits, wild-harvested seafood, vegetables, eggs, as well as nutritious dry goods. Our primary product line contains a wide variety of fresh fruit. Our top fresh fruit items include durians from Thailand, cherries from Canada, the United States, and Chile, gold kiwis from New Zealand, grapes from Australia, dragon fruits from Vietnam, sugar apples from Taiwan, oranges from Australia, South Africa and the United States, and avocados from Mexico. We strive to offer a variety of high-end fresh produce offerings that are not typically found at conventional food retailers in China.

We also offer wild-harvested seafood. For example, we have bluefin tuna from the Pacific Ocean, which is stored and transported in specially designed freezers with -60 degrees Celsius instant freezing technologies, so that customers can enjoy the best tuna through our platform. In addition, we carry a line of LOHAS branded products that reflect the principles of healthy living and sustainability. These include popular items in packaged good varieties, such as LOHAS bottled water, LOHAS nuts and LOHAS raisins.


The sources of our products are diverse. We currently have 102 overseas and 5 domestic suppliers in 16 countries. We believe the supply chain diversification is critical to enhance the stability of supply and quality of our products.